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KH Team speeches
September 16, 2007
Seifer’s Team:
“So pussies, how about you introduce yourselves?” The blond shinobi chided. He pointed to the nearest person and called him out. “You, chicken wuss, go.”
Ale was taken aback. He was really gonna hate this guy. “Well, I’m Haruno Ale. I like to annoy the other members of my clan, to set things on fire, and blondes. I dislike my memory disorder, the chairman’s daughter and I hate my brother, Lumaria-“
“That pansy with the flowers? He’s such a fag…” Scratch that. Seifer was his new best friend.
“Yeah… anyway…where was I? Oh, yeah, my hobbies are pretty much whatever I said for my likes. But my dream…” He looked to the sky, watching the birds soar through the open skies…
“My dream…is to be free… free from my brother, the clan, everything. Just me and my girl…” Seifer nodded in approval before moving to his next student.
“Isn’t th
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Hearts Entwine 3
Here’s the next chap.   
Disclaimer: Don’t own those either
It was 5 years ago to date…
“Hey Riku, that wasn’t fair!” 8 year-old Sora whined.
“So? If you ever got into a real fight, they wouldn’t hesitate. They’d crush you without a care.”
“Wh-whoa man, you’re creepin’ me out.” Sora picked up his discarded wood sword and got in his stance. “But…thanks for the tip.”
He ran forward and sliced down, only to be parried by Riku. Using the propelled momentum, Sora spun around and smacked Riku in the chin, knocking him onto his back.
“Hah! You shouldn’t underestimate me.” Sora said smugly. Riku rubbed his chin with his left hand, using his other to lift himself up.
“Yeah, I shouldn’t…but neither should you!” Without
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Hearts Entwine 2
I don't plan on having any lemons, so a harem would be pretty pointless anyway. Although, I will try to master the other side of the Sprite, the Lime. And, about the no Naruto interaction, ehhh, he has a whole myriad of other characters to influence him, most of them very direct, so he could probably have more interaction because of it. And plus, I don't see why fillers don't count, whether or not it didn't happen in the original storyline, it still happened. Besides, it would be pretty stupid having a filler in a manga anyway.
I confused the years, the kids (Sora, Naruto, etc) Are 13, Riku is 14
Not much to say, I guess. No reviews yet, but oh well.
0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o = scene change
I don’t own Jack.
Hearts Entwine
“Hey, why’d you wake me up so early, and what are you working on?”
“It’s a surprise; I wanna show it to the Old Man first. It isn’t my fault you were up all night fighting Chuunins and eating ramen with Iruka-sensei. Besides, I thought
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Hearts Entwine
This is the first chapter (prologue in the first half) of my story, “My hearts a battleground’ (Psyche) this is something I started thinking about a LOOOOONG time ago, but one time when I tried writing it in the car, my mom got all up in my grill and made me let her look at my stuff, and I’m very sensitive about that.  I don’t like people I know look at stuff while I’m writing it, and I don’t have anyone to talk to about Fanfics cuz I live in a house with:
A 10 year old boy
9 year old girl
A mom who considers stuff like Japanese stuff ‘whong chon chon Chinese crap.’ I love my mom to death, but she’s ignorant and it annoys me to no end.
But enough about me.
I do plan on updating my other story (eventually) I’ve started the first 3 pages, but I sort of hit a slump, so I decided to work on a another idea that I had (first might I add.) but don’t worry Altered Path fans, I was, is, and will always be a RUKATO man, so as long
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NaruKH Plan
Right now, I’m working on a story I’ve been thinking about for a while and I wanna start it before I forget, but first I have a few questions.
1. Should this be:
Sora harem
Both or neither or just one?
2.Should the world travelin start:
After Chuunin exams?
Or  After the time skip?
3. I will have pics of the Naruto peeps and Sora’s new ninja outfits on my profile so if you don’t know what they look like when they come, they’re there.
4. If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a review and tell me so that I can help or consider it.
p.s for fans of my other story, An Altered Path, I’ll still work on it, I’m just sorta feelin lazy cuzza school.
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Altered Path: A-n
This is just a quick little A/N I put together after reading ‘Frozen Twins’ review. In no way do I consider it a flame, but It got me thinking. Did any body have any problems with what I put ( like the pairings and what not.). Tell me or I won’t know.
Takumi (getting’ there)
Sorato (will probably change)
That’s all the pairings I can think of right now, that are happening right now.
And I’m still wondering about whether I should put Kazu ,Kenta, and Ryo in. If no one says anything, I’ll just give K and K something boring and short, like “ they ended up back home” or something
If you have any questions about anything, or wanna make a suggestion, then just leave a review.
All, right. So it's official, MATT Good guy. Now I Just need a way to make him back all GOODIFIED without it soundy too cheesy.
Kazu Kenta are gone. So that it doesn't
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Altered Path 2
Aww, Thanks you guys. I never knew how much reviews actually meant for an author until today. (August 21, 2007) I’ve been feeling really euphoric all day, on an otherwise solemn first day of high school.
To reply to some reviews:
Brightshadow 5: Thanks for the compliment, but in all honesty, there are a few good rukato’s that stay sorta on plot, but if you think that, then it’s your opinion.
Ruki44: again, thx. I didn’t think I was that funny, but thx for the confidence boost.
Frozen Twins: I’ll try to be better about the scene changes from now on. Oh, and about that pairing, I would do it, except for the fact that she isn’t going to end up in that world.
Kuroy: Expect to see more from me later as I develop more skill (hopefully) and find the ability to trust my work and use more of my already thought up plots.
Lord Pata: Thx. I’ll put into consideration your votes.
Alright. Now that that’s over with, I have somethin’ to say. I was thinking
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An Altered Path 1
Disclaimer: I wouldn’t be writing this if I owned Digimon.
What if in the battle of Gallantmon vs. Beelzemon, Beelzemon was smart enough to not waste his bullets on Gallantmon’s armor, and when the Shield of the Just clashed with the Double Impact, it caused an explosion of epic proportions, but when the smoke clears, everyone is missing and Takato is stuck with…
Pairings: Rukato Henjeri TerriLop RenaGuil Taiora Takumi Tomuzie(?) Mishiro
Vote for whether or not you want Daikari or Takari. If you don’t like Tomuzie (Tomoki/ Tommy and Suzie as a couple) tell me and I won’t use it. This story will be T for now but if I get good enough I’ll change to M for Lemons.
And if anyone is willing, I am in need of a Beta. If you wanna help, please explain to me how that works first. Now, on to the story…
“Guardian Barrage!!”
“You annoying-“
This momentary distraction was just what Gallantmon needed to shift the battle in his favor. Before
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